HEMA-German Longsword Metal Machine (Video)

Ger­man Longsword Training.

Spe­cial thanks to Johannes Liecht­e­nauer, Hans Medel, Paulus Hec­tor Mair and Joachim Mey­er for their inspi­ra­tion. God be mer­ci­ful to their souls.

Many thanks also to Pavel Moc for the best swords in the world!

Thanks also to Bernd Wun­der from “Train­ingss­chw­ert­er” - “I’ll see what else I have in stock.”

Thanks also to the team of “Bat­tle­mer­chant” for the good ser­vice and Cold­Steel- Swords. Espe­cial­ly Hen­drik, I hope we see each oth­er in Wacken.

Thanks also to Jakub from “Arma Bohemia”, see you soon.

Greet­ings to our dear sis­ters and broth­ers of the Mey­er Freifechter Guild all over the world, espe­cial­ly George and our friends in Piräeus.